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Once you have confirmed a booking with us, the first payment will become due.

Please note:

•Payment of the first instalment will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

•Payments due are gross of VAT, charged at the prevailing rate at the time of the booking confirmation. You will receive invoices which include our bank details.

•It is a condition of the booking that if the reason for your booking is not clarified on the booking form as a wedding-related event or another large event (i.e. an anniversary/party) over and above the sleeping capacity of the complex, and we are not informed and are misled in any way regarding the booking, you will be liable to pay the difference in cost based on the relevant function.

•If the number of guests attending the venue exceeds that set out in the maximum sleeping capacity for the complex (i.e. attending a party/event/wedding), the booking will incur the relevant extra costs which will be explained at the time of booking. These costs vary from event to event so please enquire accordingly to ensure your booking is compliant with these terms and conditions.

•These terms and conditions shall be accepted and adhered to by all members of the guest group, represented by a lead party member who is over the age of 21 and who can provide a proof of ID and address. The payment terms are set out on the booking form.


No refunds will be made on any payments made if you cancel the booking for any reason. All payments due before the date of cancellation remain payable and non-refundable, but any payments due after the date of cancellation will be waived.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain any payments made in the event of the following:

• If you fail to make any further payments by the due dates.
• If you do not adhere to the Terms of the booking by exceeding the agreed number of guests or breaching any other terms
• If the lead party (or other guest if separately agreed) does not arrive to collect the keys

If we have to cancel the booking because the property is not available or suitable for letting (which of course we will seek to avoid) and we cannot honour the booking, we will refund all payments made to us by you. If your stay is not possible due to restrictions imposed by the Government after you have booked with us and relating to Coronavirus, we will refund the payments received but reserve the right to deduct an administration charge of £150.

We will not be held liable for any other third-party costs such as caterers or florists or other services or business costs in the event of any cancellation by either party for any reason whatsoever.

Arrivals and Departure

Please contact Mandy to arrange your arrival time, at least 10 days before your stay. You are welcome to arrive at any time after 3pm on your first day, but please do phone Mandy on the day of your arrival to discuss your timings to ensure that she can make arrangements to provide you with the keys. The keys will only be released to the lead party unless agreed separately.

Checkout on your last day is by 10am. We may be able to arrange a late checkout with advance notification for an arranged checkout fee. Please return the key to Mandy on your last day.

Please ensure you follow the signs to the end of the drive and do not turn right into Great Higham Farmhouse which is a private residence.

The exact What3words* locations of each property are:

The Barn:sponge.campfires.flickers
Cherry And Plum:forklift.stiletto.widely
The Oast:reinvest.himself.snails

*Download the App What3words to find our exact location by entering the 3 words given.

Please pass these specific instructions to any SUPERMARKET delivery orders, to avoid unnecessary disturbance to Great Higham Farmhouse.

EV Charging -Voltshare

We are incredibly pleased to announce we have recently installed a new smart charging point in the Barn to provide much needed convenience and service to our guests. Our charging points are powered by VoltShare. The new charging points come are compatible with all electric cars.

EV drivers looking to visit us now never need to worry about running out of charge or stopping over at in transit rapid charging points before arrival; no more range anxiety! We are excited to be part of the zero-emission revolution, promoting clean transport and healthier skies. As part of their commitment, VoltShare has also recaptured 2000-3000 kg of CO2 for charging point installed.

The maximum power output of the charger at the Barn has been set at 4.9kW

Download & Install before your trip

How to charge in 4 simple steps
1. Connect your EV & Scan the QR code on the charging point
2. Enter your payment card in the VoltShare app
3. Start charging
4. Unplug your EV to end the session

Damages and Deposit

We reserve the right to deduct the cost of repairs, replacements and specialist cleaning from the damages deposit in the event of damage. In the event of damage or breakages which is of a greater cost to remedy or replace than the value of the deposit, we reserve the right to make a claim for recovery of costs which shall be pursued through the lead party.

We reserve the right to deduct the cost of any repairs or replacements from the deposit, together with any unpaid sums due, and return the balance to the lead party.

Music and Noise

All music must end at midnight. Please do be aware of other guests in the complex and of other neighbouring residents at Great Higham Farmhouse and the cottages on the drive. Please ensure that music is not audible outside any property in the complex after 11pm.

Cleanliness and Housekeeping

The house has been fully cleaned before your arrival.
Please complete and sign the tick sheet provided to show all is in order on your arrival and leave at the property for collection by the cleaning team.

Before departing, please:

• Clean and tidy before you leave – cleaning materials are provided in each property
• Load crockery in the dishwasher and run it
• Ensure all windows and doors are locked upon exiting
• Empty all kitchen bins into black sacks and put in the waste disposal bins outside.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is shared between all guests in the complex, and its use is strictly subject to the following terms:

•The swimming pool is available for use from mid-spring to mid-autumn. We try to ensure it is available in time for school Easter holidays (depending on the timing each year) and until the end of the autumn half term, but please check with us for exact dates if you are booking at these times as it can vary each year.

•Please shower before and after using the pool. Sun-cream and other products can block the filter and affect chlorine levels.

•Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any injury or any loss or damage to possessions at the pool.

•Please check the pool depth is suitable for you and your level of swimming. Diving and jumping are not permitted.

•Children must be supervised at all times. Please bring your own inflatable arm bands and /or float vests for children as required.

•Only plastic glasses and products may be used near the pool. Please do not take glasses out to the pool.

•Please do not use electrical devices including phones, radios or corded devices in the pool.

•Please keep clear of the filters and in particular keep long hair and children away.

•Take particular care if any guests suffer from medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, heart conditions, etc.; and avoid consuming alcohol before getting in the pool.

•Beware of slippery surfaces on the edge of the pool when wet, and please do not run, or allow children to run, around the outside of the pool.

•We use chlorine in the water at the recommended levels. Members of staff will access the pool to monitor the swimming pool as necessary.

•We may from time to time introduce additional requirements to ensure the safe use of the pool, such as time tabling and cleaning arrangements. Time tabling has been introduced during the Covid-19 outbreak so please check these details.

Hot Tub

Overuse or abuse of hot tubs may cause the tub water to turn cloudy if this occurs please tell the owners immediately as it will probably have to be emptied and refilled, which normally takes up to 24 hours. We cannot take any responsibility for skin conditions that arise from using the tub when the water is cloudy or smelling unpleasant. Any abuse of the tub will result in a charge on your damage deposit.

Please note the Hot Tub is only available for use if you are a resident of The Barn or have hired the whole complex

•Please shower before getting into the hot tub to remove sun lotion, fake tan etc which could cause the water to go cloudy. This is very important.

•Please keep the hot tub covered and the cover straps secured when you are not using it. This will conserve energy and prevent anything from falling into the tub.

•If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes you should check with your doctor before using a hot tub.

•Please only use plastic products around the hot tub, and no glass to avoid any accidents.

•Please do not use electrical items in the tub.

•Be careful of all filters, especially if your children are in the tub or if anyone has long hair as it could get caught.

•The temperature of hot tubs can cause problems if it is too hot especially with young children or if you are pregnant. Please supervise all children under 16 years old and take extreme care with children under 4 being in the hot tub at all.

•Please avoid drinking alcohol in the hot tub as hot water amplifies the effects of and makes you drowsy. Falling asleep in hot water can be very dangerous as your body does not regulate its temperature as well as when you are asleep.

•If you use the hot tub during the winter and the temperature is below freezing, water splashed over the edge can quickly freeze into slippery ice so please take care.

•Please ensure you fill the hot tub with the hose pipe if the water level drops too low as this can cause problems with the pump.

•Please do not use the hot tub if you see thunder and lightning.

•It may be necessary for the owner or their representative to visit to test the water and add chemicals to ensure sustained safety levels, at any time or to address any safety issues.

•The hot tub is emptied after each booking to ensure the correct standard of cleanliness and the safety of our clients.

Please be advised that on the first day of your stay the hot tub will not reach the required temperature until at least 10pm on the first night of your arrival.

Smoking and Fires

Smoking cigarettes, cigars, shish pipes / other substances or use of candles/naked flames is not permitted inside any of our properties. Please be aware that the Barn has a thatched roof.


Bedding and bath towels are included. If you intend to use the swimming pool, please use the blue towels provided or your own towels. Please do not use white towels from the house outside. Extra linen costs will apply if there is any changeover of guests leaving/arriving during the booking (please request if required via the Estate Office).


Please advise us if you wish to bring a dog as part of your booking and please ensure that it is kept under control. Dogs should not be left in the property unsupervised. Dogs are not permitted in bedrooms or on furniture. Please do clean up after your dog; bags are kept in each property.

Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns

These are strictly prohibited.


The use of the property for filming of any kind or for promotional events of any kind is not permitted without the prior written consent of the owners, except for private domestic purposes. The use of drones is not permitted.


The owners shall not accept liability for any death or personal injury unless this results from the negligence of the owners or the employees acting in the course of their employment. The property includes some natural hazards including a small pond, a swimming pool and of course the nearest road. Guests must ensure their own safety and that of any children at all times.

If you notice any items of damage or concern, or if any items become broken during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible.

In addition, the owners do not accept any responsibility for the safety of or the loss or damage to your possessions on our property. We do not accept any responsibility for the death or personal injury arising from the use of third-party services.

Communications and Data Protection

By providing us with your details we will have a record of your name, address and identification and that of any other guest whose details you supply. We will only use these details to correspond with you about your booking and will not pass them to any other party. By completing the booking and entering into these terms and conditions you are providing your consent to our holding of your details on our records.

Additional Conditions -weddings/anniversary/birthday parties and marquee events

•No day guests may use the swimming pool, hot-tub or tennis court

•Crystals, beads, pebbles etc. that create a slip-hazard on a wooden floor may not be used as a table decoration

•No confetti cannons, firework displays, chinese lanterns or glitter balls are permitted.

•You must hire sufficient additional loos at a ratio of one unit per 12 guests as a minimum.

•We reserve the right to show the property to potential customers on the day of the function prior to the arrival of any guests and by arrangement.

•You must hire in cutlery, crockery, glass, towels etc. Nothing from inside the property may be used.

•All marquees, porta loos and other infrastructure must be erected and removed within the hire period.

•Customers must satisfy themselves of electricity requirements and hire in a generator if necessary.

•Customers must meet any licencing requirements necessary in order to operate a paid bar.

•Customers will be responsible for meeting any third-party claims made against him/her and should carry public liability insurance, and also ensure that any contractors carry public liability insurance of no less than £5 million.

Alterations to Conditions

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to any of these terms after the booking is confirmed to comply with legal obligations, requirements from our insurers or Health & Safety best practice.


Accommodation and Facilities

All properties have televisions and DVD players, washing machines, ovens, fridge- freezers, microwaves and hairdryers. High-chairs and travel-cots are available, but not stairgates. All kitchens are fully equipped with cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery.

Additional features are as follows:

Thatched Barn: Sleeps 18 made up of two double bedrooms, four twin bedrooms, 6 single beds in a dormitory style bedroom. One set of twin beds is in a separate annexe with an en-suite bathroom.
For a surcharge (price on application) the accommodation can sleep a further 8 people on two double sofa beds, and four single futons situated in the lounge area on the mezzanine floor.

The Oast: Sleeps 10 made up of one double bedroom, two twin bedrooms, and four single beds in a downstairs bedroom. Charcoal barbeque and outdoor garden furniture (guests to supply their own charcoal).

Cherry and Plum: Sleeps two people (with a surcharge for up to four people – price on application) as the accommodation is one double bedroom on an open mezzanine floor with open plan kitchen and sitting room with double sofa bed and woodburner. Log fired barbeque (small fire-pit style) and garden furniture.

Wifi code
The Barn:
Wifi Network: Barnstar
Password: higham9876
The Oast


In the event of a risk-to-life emergency, please dial 999 and ask for Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade. For all other emergencies, please contact our housekeeper, Mandy, on 07540 482552.

The nearest hospital with A&E provisions is the Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital, Bell Road, Sittingbourne ME10 4DT (tel. 01795 418300)

In the event of a fire, all guests must leave the properties immediately, and call the Fire Brigade.


Take the M20 motorway to Junction 8, signposted for Lenham and Leeds Castle. Join the A20 eastbound towards Lenham, and at the A20 crossroads in Lenham, turn left signed for Doddington. Follow the Faversham Road to Doddington into the village, turn left just before the Chequers Pub and turn left again after approximately 800 metres into Down Court Road. Great Higham Farm is on the left after a mile and is signed.

On arriving at Great Higham Farm, please proceed to the complex at the very end of the track – ignoring Great Higham Farmhouse, on the right, which is a privately residence.

Eating and Drinking

There are some excellent countryside pubs and restaurants nearby, and in most instances we would recommend booking in advance. A few of our favourites are listed below;

The Chequers Inn, Doddington
The Wishful Thinker, Lenham
Oad Street Food & Crafts, Borden


Doddington village boasts S W Doughty which is an award-winning family run butcher with a good range of fresh produce who also sell our Sussex beef from the Estate. In addition, there is a service station in Doddington Village.

Faversham is less than half an hour by car and is lovely to visit. It is well known for its antique shops and for being the home of Britain’s oldest brewery. Macknades Fine Foods on the edge of Faversham is well worth a visit for its excellent selection of fresh and world foods and lovely cafe, as is the butcher at Brogdale.

Lenham is just 10 minutes by car and is a lovely large village with a market square and convenience store and excellent bakery and other shops.

Sittingbourne has all larger amenities including supermarkets and high street facilities.

For online SUPERMARKET deliveries please quote the individual delivery location postcode for The Barn, The Oast, Cherry or Plum at Great Higham Farm, Down Court Road, Doddington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0AP. When placing your online order, please specifically request that your delivery driver does not go right into Great Higham Farmhouse, and follows the signage for deliveries.


We thoroughly recommend visiting any of the following attractions. Ticket prices and opening times vary so do enquire before you visit.

•Shepherd Neame brewery tours, Faversham ME13 7AN (01795 542016)
•Belmont House, Belmont Park, Throwley ME13 0HH (01795 890202)
•Leeds Castle, Broomfield, Maidstone ME17 1PL (01622 765400)
•Godinton House and Gardens, Godinton Lane, Ashford TN23 3BP (01233 643854)
•Brogdale Fruit Collection, Brogdale Road, Faversham ME13 8XZ (01795 531888)
•Sheldon Spa, Lees Court Road, Sheldwich, Faversham, Kent ME13 0LU (01975 532418)
•Conyer Marshes bird watching, Conyer ME13 0QA
•Elmley Nature Reserve, Elmley ME12 3RW (
•Royal Cinema – a traditional private cinema, Faversham ME13 7AG (01795 591211)

Walking and Cycling

There are a number of good footpaths which will take you on some beautiful walks, many across this estate. Please do keep dogs on leads when walking through livestock and take dog bags with you.


We recommend either of the following two caterers for all events, from home cooking delivered to you, to full event catering:

a) Ally Tennant (07970 433231)
b) Stella Grove, 01227 709316


a) Anna’s Country flowers 01227 731987


Our preference is that you use one of the following two companies who are familiar with the property:

a) 1st setting events (01303 894452)
b) Best in Tents (01227 730569)


a) A2 Cabs (01795 430400)
b) ACE taxis (01795 430000)
c) Swale Cabs (01795 470000)

Download a copy of the term and conditions